Ghost Cities in China–Newly Built Housing Sits Empty


Amazing satellite images show sprawling cities built in remote parts of China that have been left completely abandoned, sometimes years after their construction.

Elaborate public buildings and open spaces are completely unused, with the exception of a few government vehicles near communist authority offices.

Some estimates put the number of empty homes at as many as 64 million, with up to 20 new cities being built every year in the country’s vast swathes of free land.


Regional governments across China have been building massive real estate projects, including Kangbashi in Inner Mongolia and Zhengzhou New District, which have remained empty, because of the high prices and interest in investment.

Kangbashi, which was built in just five years, was meant to be the urban centre for Ordos City – a wealthy coal-mining hub home to 1.5million people.

It was filled with office towers, administrative centres, museums, theatres and sports facilities as well as thousands of homes, but remains virtually deserted.


In our quest to present what’s going on, we’ve documented some uncanny occurrences over the past two years, including the vacant city of Ordos in Mongolia. But what BusinessInsider has provided us, courtesy of Forensic Asia Limited is a series of satellite images that prove that Ordos is not a unique event.

China is actually littered with what Business Insider calls ghost cities, and the satellite pictures provided would seem to prove it. It’s a pretty amazing presentation, showing how the power of the Internet, when married to space technology, can come up with important results. Here are some photo captions from the article:

from, describing China

“There’s city after city full of empty streets and vast government buildings, some in the most inhospitable locations. It is the modern equivalent of building pyramids. With 20 new cities being built every year, we hope to be able to expand our list going forward.”


You can see for yourself how many much excess real estate there is around China  — by some estimates as many as 64  million empty apartments. “It’s like walking into a forest of skyscrapers,  but they’re all empty,” Tulloch said of another ghost city, Chenggong.


Empty cities in China–the lark of Chinese growth. Empty cities with no sign of life – there are no cars, no people, no businesses, a University with a capacity of 2.3 million students, sits empty.

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