Police Dog Fires Handgun

By Daniel Arkin, Staff Writer, NBC News

A police dog searching for a handgun in a Massachusetts snowbank early Saturday accidentally pulled the trigger with his paw, discharging the weapon into a nearby house, authorities said.

Fortunately, no one was injured.


Thank you, Carrie Rubin, for bringing this to my attention. Just what I needed–another reason to fear dogs.

10 thoughts on “Police Dog Fires Handgun

  1. And this was the second doggie shooting! The first one was a dog who jumped off the seat in a guy’s moving truck onto the floorboard and fired a gun that was lying there. Shot the driver, but luckily not fatally. The guy said he didn’t know the gun was loaded and thought it was his other weapon. Hmm, I think if I had a gun in my car, I might remember what kind it was and whether it was loaded or not…

    • It gripes me that I can’t go to your website with my computer. Here’s the stupid message my anti-virus software gives me when I try: The web page blocked by Defender Pro included objects that were either infected or likely to be infected with a virus. Your system has NOT been infected.

      • Hmm, I’ve heard that from a couple other people, too. Must be my new theme. Not sure what to do since I paid for it for a year. Maybe I’ll contact the support people. Thanks for including the message. I’ll send it to them.

      • If the cause gets remedied, please let me know. I wonder if there are cookies or some other data managers in the vendor’s template. Anyway, just want to help you when I can. I am annoyed I can’t enjoy your sense of humor and insight by reading your blog. How are the book sales going? Have you started book 2? Momentum in sales follows the number of titles out there. I guess if readers see multiple choices, they are more confident to buy.

      • I’m working on the 2nd novel bit by bit. My post yesterday was about finding the balance between social media and meeting my personal writing deadlines.

        I sent a message to my theme’s support page, so hopefully I’ll hear back. I’ll let you know if it’s anything fixable. Thanks again. šŸ™‚

      • I contacted my theme’s support site, and they ran my website through a security scanner and said everything was fine. They suggested I contact Defender Pro to ask if my site has been mistakenly blacklisted, so I have done that. Hopefully they’ll be able to sort it out. Thanks again for letting me know what message you were receiving. It helped to at least get things started in the right direction.

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