It’s Haunted

Mindie Burgoyne blogs as The Travel Hag. She leads haunted tours–or tours of haunted places, if you want to be grammatically correct–on the eastern shore of Maryland and to the “thin places” of Ireland. I met Mindie at a writers’ conference. She is not only a published author (about haunted places on the eastern shore), but also an excellent instructor on the use of social media.

Anyway. . .

Mindie shared a tidbit recently about one of Maryland’s haunted spots.

Talbot County courthouse from gov website

The Talbot County Courthouse in Easton has a ghost.  They call him The Colonel.  He’s been heard walking around at night … footsteps up and down the halls, heard by those who work late.

Want to visit the courthouse at midnight under the full moon? I’ll be out on one of my moonlit strolls. We could have a howling good time.

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