Washington State Tries to Outlaw Drones

Washington State has taken exception to the unregulated use of drones within its borders. In fact, the state is attempting to outlaw blanket use of the devices through legislation. If Washington state wins, a major defense vendor loses, because the trickle down of a successful legislative campaign in Washington will spread to other states. If the law says “you can’t fly drones here,” the manufacturer loses big money in sales to customers who want to use the devices. First, there is corporate espionage, where one company spies on another. Or the well-to-do peeping Tom. Not to mention civilian surveillance by any number of government entities.

Anyway, a fight is looming from the manufacturers of drones. Wanna bet who wins the battle?

From zerohedge.com:

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Guest Post: Boeing Declares War on Privacy in Washington State

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/12/2013 – 19:08

Washington state has led the way in many respects when it comes to the drone issue, something we highlighted recently in my article: Just Say NO: Seattle Residents Kill the City’s Drone Program. It’s not just Seattle though, there is a bi-partisan bill in the Washington state legislature, H.B. 1771, which limits drone use within the entire state. The bill has already passed its House Committee hearing and, as expected, the state’s corporate overlords have started to fight back. Specifically, Boeing.

And while we are talking craziness surrounding the drone phenomenon, check out a recent law handed down from the other Washington legislature.

Also from zerohedge.com:

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Guest Post: Four New Bills From The Political Elite In The Land Of The Free

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/12/2013 – 13:58

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs in the Land of the Free when, in the last week alone, the political elite gave us bills which:

  1. ensure the government cannot assassinate its own citizens with drones
  2. impose price controls with insurance premiums
  3. award the government with more power to initiate biosurveillance operations
  4. create a quota system in the labor market

It really makes me wonder… how much more will it take for people to notice how rapidly they’re losing freedom, or how destructive the political leadership is?

Finally, there is one last zerohedge.com story to share about drones. It is simply another piece of the puzzle that is the world of drones. This one suggests the public is not privy to all the facts about our government’s use of drones. If we knew all there was to know, we may learn that the activies being scrubbed–as described in the next segment–from military websites are directly connected to the law passed by our U. S. Congress cited above.

Guest Post: The 1984 Playbook Has Arrived: U.S. Air Force Deletes Drone Strike Data

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/11/2013 – 20:36

If you recall, Winston Smith’s job in George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 was to go into historical records and literally change history.  He would alter photographs and text in the archives so that history would always portray “The Party” in a positive light and as omniscient.  Well folks, this behavior has arrived in America and we better nip it in the bud fast before one of these drones is flying right over our heads.As scrutiny and debate over the use of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) by the American military increased last month, the Air Force reversed a policy of sharing the number of airstrikes launched from RPAs in Afghanistan and quietly scrubbed those statistics from previous releases kept on their website. On Sunday, U.S. Central Command said in a statement that the decision was made to remove the statistics because the data disproportionately places emphasis on the airstrikes. The majority of the RPA missions are for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, with a small percent involving airstrikes.


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