I Love Edible Landscaping

Each year I plant a food garden and a flower garden. However, nothing makes me happier than to discover a beautiful addition to the flower garden that is also edible. It’s so efficient.

Recently I learned about Callaloo, a Jamaican name for the amaranth plant, which has both edible leaves and seeds. Both crops are highly nutritious.

e-How contributor Eleanor Jewell  offers the following information:

How to Grow Callaloo Seeds

By Eleanor Jewell, eHow  Contributor

How to Grow Callaloo Seeds thumbnail

Amaranth is self-seeding.

Also known as  Amaranthus cruentus or “edible red leaf amaranth,” callaloo grows as an annual  in the U.S. and is harvested for its leaves and seeds. This heat-loving plant  grows from seeds sown in sunny, well-drained soil during the early spring, soon  after the final frost of winter. The deep-green, edible foliage of the plant  gives way to showy, red blooms that look magnificent adorning a flowerbed. The  edible parts of the plant are low in saturated fats and contain beneficial  nutrients such as protein, lysine and fiber

Read more:  How to Grow Callaloo Seeds | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_7737699_grow-callaloo-seeds.html#ixzz2O8aquM21


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