The Spirit World Comments on Government Bullet Purchases

There has been much conversation in the alternative media about the government’s purchase of an extraordinary number of bullets. Even military personnel have observed that the number of bullets ordered and paid for by government exceed by multiples any legitimate need by the agencies, like Social Security and Homeland Security, that procured the bullets.

Now, even the Spirit world is commenting. The spirits say corruption and greed hold the answer. When the government behaves in a way that causes supernatural entities to comment on the behavior, don’t you think mere mortals ought to have a word to say as well?

From a channeling website on the internet:

Q: Theo, why would Homeland Security purchase 1.6 billion bullets?

A: The question should be, Tom, who would possibly benefit financially from such a purchase?  They should follow the money, as there are more than one set of hands in the pie, we will say.  People will lose their jobs if an investigation is conducted, and perhaps charges of malfeasance will be added.



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