A Factoid or Two about Boobies

Thank you, LadyRomp, for bringing these tidbits to my attention:

Human breasts are different from all the other breasts on the planet.
Humans are the only mammals to have breasts that develop in puberty and then remain permanently enlarged, says Florence Williams, the author of Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History. Other female primates have them when necessary (i.e., their mammary glands grow during lactation and deflate after weaning). Ours, fleshy and fatty, “stick around regardless of our reproductive status,” she says.

Human breast milk starts out as nature’s perfect food, says Williams, chock-full of not only the vitamins, minerals, proteins and fat a baby needs to grow but also immunity-boosting antibodies, probiotics and other substances that can protect against salmonella and E. coli, as well as diabetes and cancer. It also contains endocannabinoids similar to those found in marijuana, which may help infants chill out and avoid overeating.

(Fay’s note: is this why men get high, high, high off the female breast form? Are they having flashbacks to the “chill” days of life on endocannabinoids?)

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