500 Spy Cameras No One Knew About in Maryland


Maryland County Exec. Discovers

Secretive Network of 500+

Surveillance Cameras Operated Out

of Unmarked Room

Mar. 6, 2013 3:22pm

A network of hundreds of cameras inside and outside Anne Arundel County public buildings in Maryland, unbeknown to the local authorities and county officials, was shut down earlier this week. Now officials are trying to find out more about the extensive operation.

The system of more than 500 cameras, the Baltimore Sun reported, was discovered by County Executive Laura Neuman, who just recently was sworn into the position. The Sun describes the room where the surveillance operation was conducted as small, unmarked and unknown to many until now.

Neuman launched an investigation into the system, but the Sun reports that the former county executive John Leopold, who resigned when found guilty of misconduct, was a point person for the camera system.

Of the cameras that have been found, none were in improper places, the Sun reported. The cameras themselves are still running, but system to monitor the feed was shut down.

FAY’S NOTE: Why are the cameras still running? If the whole operation was covert, don’t you think another system to monitor the feed likely exists? Why not shut the damn things off?

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