Peanut Butter, Onion Flakes, Soy Sauce

The larder raid yielded three random ingredients: crunchy peanut butter, dehydrated onion flakes and sushi soy sauce. What on earth am I going to make with these? I’ll find out soon enough.

My food adventure of taking three random selections from my pantry and searching on-line for a recipe that uses the ingredients has been so much fun, I don’t know if I will give it up at month’s end. I am eating better than ever, as far as savory meals and variety are concerned. And I never have to worry about what’s for dinner.

So, what recipe did I find?

Satay sauce! Really? Yes! And a very easy satay sauce to boot! I substituted my dehydrated onion flakes for grated onion, wondering if the flavors would be okay. The answer is yes; the sauce was mild and tasty. I had a liquid hot sauce in the refrigerator. My suggestion to those who like things hot and spicy would be skip the red pepper flakes and substitute liquid hot sauce instead.

I refrigerated the leftover sauce to use again. My guess is the flavors from the pepper flakes will permeate the sauce and spice it up on its second go round. I am thinking of baking chicken over rice and vegetables, then pouring the remaining satay sauce over the combo. Not a bad “second meal.”

Do you have another use for satay sauce? If so, please share. I may go with your suggestion for the “second meal.”



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