Weird Works Sometimes

Recently I met a lovely woman from Switzerland. She taught me something profound: to receive, one must ask.

As a consequence of our conversations, I followed the directions of this lady and placed nine sticky notes on the wall next to my desk with my intentions for achievement for the coming year. Then I asked the Universe (the greatest power as I know it) for the most benevolent outcome surrounding these intentions.

I am going to give you an example–albeit a silly one–of how this process works. I was visiting Zion National Park in Utah. I wanted to see the elusive Big Horn Sheep in the wild. Big Horn Sheep hate human intrusion, so they place themselves at the top of cliffs or mountain ravines where humans have a hard time going. I asked the Higher Power to let us see sheep.

On this excursion, the Swiss woman and I were about to leave the park. We stopped at a pretty scenic area on the edge of a box canyon.

I said aloud, “Where’s my sheep?” I was feeling disappointed.

No lie. Immediately, at the top of the closest canyon wall, I saw a head pop into view, followed by neck, shoulders, front legs, then full torso. In silhouette at the top of the cliff stood a magnificent Big Horn Sheep. Other people were milling around–foreigners. I began calling out and pointing toward the animal, who remained posed on the precipice.

For several minutes, cars came and went. The sheep stood frozen. I kept calling out to other sightseers and pointing, but no one looked up, except my travelling companion. I turned to her.

“Do you think the sheep is really there? No one else but us seems to be able to see it.”

At that moment, four other sheep appeared, as if from nowhere, lower down the canyon wall. The small group began to work its way toward the sheep standing alone at the top. The small group had lain among the brush, hidden from human view, until they decided to rise and move.

For about 15 minutes, I watched the sheep, overcome with joy and gratitude at getting my silly wish. Then the press of time of keeping to a schedule forced us to move on.

I’ll never understand why no one else saw the sheep. They were right there in front of all of us.

Did I see them because I asked? Because I was looking for them? Or because they were a gift?

Share your thoughts here.

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