The world needs whistle-blowers. They are the insiders who know what dirty deeds are being done behind closed doors. They have a conscience which ultimately prods them to spill the beans on naughty behavior. The value of whistle-blowers led the government to form laws to protect the whistle-blower from retaliation.

Hence the outrage when government itself tries to intimidate whistleblowers who are pulling back the curtain in OZ to reveal dirty little government secrets.

From today’s Huffington Post:

. . . On the actually scandalous end is the administration’s snooping through the AP’s phone records, which the New York Times called “an effort to frighten off whistle-blowers.” The incident points out the hypocrisy of a White House that praises whistleblowers in the abstract, but then goes after them — aggressively and often. “Speaking truth to power is now a criminal act,” says whistleblower and former NSA executive Thomas Drake, who the DOJ charged under the WW I-era Espionage Act. It’s President Obama’s war against whistleblowers that is the true scandal.


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