Is China’s GDP Going to Zero?

China is rapidly approaching ZERO growth. This is not less growth, but
ZERO growth as in full-scale economic collapse from the days of 12% GDP growth
per year.

Chinese growth numbers are manufactured by the Chinese government and have no basis in truth. Over 99% of “analysts” are missing this, but it is a fact.

If that happens, could it mean a resurgence of manufacturing in the USA as Chinese enterprises collapse or quality of manufactured goods plummet due to system collapse?


Fay says:

MADE IN AMERICA could  help bring back the national pride we lost when we sent all our jobs overseas. The environment in the US is ripe for resurgence of American manufacturing. Globally, the US is competitive again. Our falling dollar makes our goods and services cheap to international customers.

Wages are low. Energy costs are low. The cost of money is low. In business school they teach that you only need two out of three of those factors for financial viability. Right now America has all three working for it. It’s time to bring manufacturing home.



Haunted Sites in and around Maryland

A listing of haunted sites in or close-by Maryland

99 Year Old Employee Is Never Late to Work

99-Year-Old Man Works For Minimum Wage…For Over 30 Years

When Newton Murray — everyone calls him Mr. Newton — moved from his native Trinidad to Tampa, Florida, he went to Harry H. Bell & Sons cold storage facility and applied for a job as a janitor. He got the job, and began sweeping and cleaning 90,000 square feet of enclosed warehouse space, plus parking lots and loading docks, for minimum wage. That was 33 years ago. Since then, the now 99-year-old man has never arrived for work late, never left work early, never said no, and never asked for – or received – a raise.



A Worldwide Run on Bullion Causes Concern

7-23-2013 from

Gold surged over 3% yesterday due to the continual hemorrhaging of gold inventories from the COMEX.

Concerns about a default on the COMEX, once the preserve of a few observant market watchers, are becoming more widespread  as we appear to be witnessing a run on the highly leveraged bullion banking system.

Very robust physical demand from the Middle East, Asia and particularly China and a decline in the dollar also helped prices log their biggest one-day gain in over a year and their first close above $1,300 an ounce in nearly five weeks.

Millionaires–Where They Are in the World

Wealthinsight research says Tokyo the place to be if you want to meet a millionaire.

  • Tokyo has the highest number of millionaires than any other city in the world today. There are 461, 000 of them.
  • Next is New York (or rather, more particularly Manhattan), which has 389, 000.
  • London is third, with 281, 000
  • Paris comes in fourth at 219, 000
  • Just ahead of Frankfurt with 217, 000.
  • But, remember that the USA has 5 million millionaires, whereas Japan only has 2 million.
  • But, in Tokyo, they are all concentrated in one place.
  • They are spread out all over the USA.
  • Japan looks as if it may also lose its second place in terms of total number of millionaires in the country, overtaken by China in about 2020.
  • The US would have by then about 7.7 million millionaires, while China would have 3.3 million.

Who Is the Crazy One?

Excerpts from

Have you ever had one of those fights with your spouse where you just explode while your mate just looks at you calmly, making you feel like you have lost your mind?

He’ll call you crazy and brush off what had made you so upset in the first place.  Lets rewind and take a look at what causes this behavior.

Sound familiar? How about this?

It seems that whatever she asks Keith to do, never gets done, and she begins to see a pattern in his “forgetfulness”…he forgets whatever he doesn’t want to do, but never confronts her directly.

After multiple experiences with this passive aggressive behavior, the wife may eventually explode. Then, to her surprise, her mate will remain calm, roll his eyes at her, and make her feel like she is the crazy one. Why is she screaming, when he unfortunately only forgot to do it?

Or is this scenario more familiar to you?

Excerpts from

You’re so sensitive. You’re so emotional. You’re defensive. You’re overreacting. Calm down. Relax. Stop freaking out! You’re crazy! I was just joking, don’t you have a sense of humor? You’re so dramatic. Just get over it already!

Do you ever hear any of these comments from your spouse, partner, boss, friends, colleagues, or relatives after you have expressed frustration, sadness, or anger about something they have done or said?

A remark intended to shut you down like, “Calm down, you’re overreacting,” after you just addressed someone else’s bad behavior, is emotional manipulation—pure and simple.

Are you the crazy one? Probably not.

Gaslighting is a term, often used by mental health professionals to describe manipulative behavior used to confuse people into thinking their reactions are so far off base that they’re crazy.

The term comes from the 1944 MGM film, Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman. Bergman’s husband in the film, played by Charles Boyer, wants to get his hands on her jewelry. He realizes he can accomplish this by having her certified as insane and hauled off to a mental institution. To pull of this task, he intentionally sets the gaslights in their home to flicker off and on, and every time Bergman’s character reacts to it, he tells her she’s just seeing things. In this setting, a gaslighter is someone who presents false information to alter the victim’s perception of him or herself.

Does this shoe fit?


“He’s coming for counseling,” she continued, “but I don’t believe he really thinks any of the problems are his. He acts nice during the counseling session, but he reverts back to his old self after we get home.”

So before you accept the label–such as “You’re crazy”–that someone else is giving you, back up, take a deep breath and think. Maybe get a professional opinion, if necessary, to bolster your own confidence in your own common sense. Don’t accept junk from someone else that isn’t yours! Figuratively, hand it back to them, saying “No, thank you.”

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